Eurorack Modules

4 x LFO

Quadruple LFO with four triangle outputs and four square output, swith with range selector for oscillations audio frequencies


4xLFO is an eurorack synthesizer module available in kit DIY or assembled module version.

In only 5HP 4xLFO offers 4 independent channels of adjustable Low Frequency Square and Triangle waves. This compact size makes it perfect for any modular synth system, offering the max utility in the minimum space.

Each channel has rate control for increasing and decreasing the frequency of each LFO, also every channel is provided with one switch for selecting slow and fast range. In this way we can obtain from very slow waves to audio rate fast waves.

This module as all 333modules catalog is available in Kit DIY including pcb, front pannel and all components to be assembled. 4xLFO we can be rated as medium level, if you have medium soldering skills you wouldn’t have any difficult to complete this project

Also you can purchase 4xLFO in assembled version from any of our retailers, please check our retailers section to find the more interesting deal for you.

Technical Specs

Current Draw
21 mA +12V
21 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

Dimensions: 5HP

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